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Social Media & Public Relations

With a B.A.  in Communications concentrating specifically on Public Relations, a M.A. in Media,  five years of social media experience, and large-scale public relations campaigns worked into the mix, I have been actively pursuing the overlap between traditional public relations and social media strategy from the onset.

What can make a social media campaign for an  up-and-coming branded blog take off? How about a blogger relations element and a full-scale event in a targeted location? When reporting media impressions to a client, what can bring out the story behind the numbers? How about dialogue captured on social media platforms as well as added impressions generated by retweets and Facebook shares? This is exactly what I am all about. 

The truth is, PR and social go together – like peanut butter and jelly. Public relations professionals understand their audiences and the stories that are relevant, social media helps bring out that story. In media and communications we are constantly talking about convergence and being “full-service,” well how about bringing in those that know how to speak to an audience with those that know how to bring together and reach that audience?

Here are some of the brands I have had the pleasure of working with:

Content Strategy & Three Little Sparrows


After working for three large-scale online magazines managing projects and as a Lifestyle editor, Opinion and Tech writer – I have enjoyed getting to know online content management and strategy. Working in an agency setting, I have specialized in working with prominent online influencers and bloggers. Eventually I thought, why not try to take everything I learned and build the kind of blog I have been looking to read.

Enter Three Little Sparrows. Beginning in October 2012, Jaime Stopa, Dani Allen Smith, and myself began conducting cross continent Skype calls (Boston, Calgary, Toronto) discussing the kind of teamwork, prep, and strategy needed for this dream to come true for all of us. Just a few months later, Three Little Sparrows launched in January 2013, with all the bells and whistles.

The three of us have built a dynamic team with Jaime acting as Business Development and Content Manager, Dani working as Director of Public Relations, and myself as Director of Digital Media. Three Little Sparrows serves as a playground for us to write content we love and also test out our theories on leading marketing strategies (all three of us have trained in Communications) without a client’s name on the line. The results have been fun and surprisingly therapeutic.

A little about our content:

Three Little Sparrows is a lifestyle blog based out of Boston, Toronto, and Calgary. Instead of your typical lifestyle blog, we like to call ourselves a “mistake blog” – chronicling the less glamorous, the not always “put together,” and the bumpy road that is post-grad twentysomething life. Three Little Sparrows leads by lack of example, in hopes of growing towards a collective “okay” with the unknown.

We are still prepping our feathers for flight (I love a pun), but here are some brands we have interacted with so far, either through social media engagement or cross-promotional efforts:


  • Social media strategy – developing content, branding, platform rationale, targeted audience, milestones, and methods for engagement
  • Media relations – pitching, measurement, news releases, client communications, measurement, wrap-up reports, blogger relations
  • Audience acquisition for social media – targeting audience, growing audience, monitoring habits, “breaking in” to an online niche, research, analytics, client-friendly reporting
  • Cross-platform campaigns – blog development, increasing/launching social media presence, traditional PR, blogger relations, cross-promotional marketing efforts
  • Social media account management – contests, engaging content, creating conversation, tuning into trends and influential users, nourishing relationships

Technical Skills: